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Collin G. Heade embarks on celebrating his 12th season as artistic director/conductor of the Westside Community & Youth Orchestra in Hillsboro, Oregon (wcyo.org); and his 11th season as conductor of the Junior Symphony of Vancouver, Washington.

As a conductor, he has attended workshops with the Virginia, Baltimore and Norwalk Symphonies.

During the past several Covid-19 months, as an avid composer he has begun working up second versions of his earlier pieces beginning from 2015, and is slowly working thru them in chronological order. These second versions are denoted thru his Compositions web page with the initials v.2. All his compositional endeavors can be viewed from his website at PortlandCello.com.


                               He has been selected as a finalist by The American Prize, which

                               celebrates American excellence in the performing arts, in many fields:

                               orchestral programming (2014); a fantasy for orchestra and choir,

                               and a composition for string orchestra in three movements (both in

                               2021). In 2022 he became a finalist again for two more works in the

                               professional category: “The Story of the Song Bird & the Elephant,”

                               which is a double concerto for piccolo, tuba and orchestra, with

                               narration; and in the chamber category a piece for recorder orchestra,

                               entitled “Reminiscences,” in four short movements.


                               For the past year, Collin embarked on investigating and researching

                               differentiating brands and price comparisons all the instruments of the

                               percussion section of the symphony orchestra for Westside Community

                               & Youth Orchestra, one of the ensembles he conducts, which won a

                               much needed grant earmarked for these instruments. He took several

                               months analyzing the best possible manufacturers for each, in quality

                               and price, scrutinizing the best possible sonic standards in seeking

                               long-term aspects for the orchestra, right down to the beaters, without

                               a future need to trade up. He also learned how to approach each

                               instrument regarding tuning procedures. He even helped one company

                               find better solutions for overseas shipping and learned much in dealing

                               with truck lines for larger instruments. Approximately 54 items of

                               hardware and  instruments ordered, and he also placed a package

                               together with carts and totes of varying sizes for easiest transport

                               between the rehearsal hall and stage.


                               As a cellist, Collin has performed as principal with the Oregon   

                               Chamber Players, and the Oregon Arts Orchestra, with whom he has

                               made three European tours.


                               He has concentrated on cello instruction all his professional life and   

                               teaches at his home studio in southeast Portland as well as the Valley

                               Catholic Music School in Beaverton. During the Covid-19 pandemic he

                               is exclusively teaching cello and conducting via the internet and enjoys

                               demonstrating with his students areas where more enlightened efforts   

may be needed.

During the Covid months, in striving to maintain a connection with orchestral members, Collin wrote an assortment of theoretical Letters to the Orchestra. These were sent out to members during the pandemic, in an attempt to simplify an assortment of music theory

related topics. In part he accomplished these by incorporating visual software thru Dorico to portray examples. These were both exhilarating and fun in portraying, similar to writing short excerpts of explanatory notes, yet in a way which would be fun for the reviewer toward a better understanding of certain musical topics. 

Collin’s principal teachers have included Tomas Svoboda, composition; John Trudeau, orchestral conducting; and David Wilson, choral conducting. He had the honor of being Hamiliton Chiefetz’s very first cello student in the Portland area, and received instruction from cellist Dorien de Léon as well.

Collin enjoys his home life immensely with spouse, Cameretta. His daughter, Julie, is a Sr. Manager, Reputations Programs, Corporate Affairs, for Banfield Pet Hospital headquarters in Vancouver, WA.