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Collin G. Heade embarks on celebrating his 9th season as conductor of the Junior Symphony of Vancouver and 10th season as artistic director/conductor of the Westside Community & Youth Orchestra in Hillsboro, Oregon (wcyo.org). He has been a finalist for The American Prize in Orchestral Programming celebrating American excellence in the performing arts.

Beside conducting, Collin has earnestly taken up composing, which he thoroughly enjoys, and has written pieces for solo instruments, chamber, chamber with choir,

percussion ensemble, orchestra and orchestra with choir. For example, in 2018 he

finished a piano trio, “The Tempestuous,” in four movements for violin, cello & piano;

“Five Nuances,” a trio for double reeds & harp; and a woodwind quintet “A Day in A

Life,” which includes five short movements exemplifying one’s daily activities; and

“Expressions” for string orchestra, in three movements, premiered March 2020 by the

MYSfits of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony.

                               At the beginning of Covid-19 year 2021 he has begun working up

                               second versions of his 2016 writings, and has finished the first of these,

                               “3 Solemnites & Levites” for solo piano. The original version of three

                               petite solemnities was a synopsis of solemn ideas taken from his 1977

                               notebook. Here he has interlaced them with three new alternating

                               hopeful images, displaying sincere and lighthearted, and had much fun

                               portraying this. Initial pages of this new version can now be viewed

                               and heard in the 2016 portion of this sites compositions page.

                               In 2019 he started off the year writing a three movement work for

                               percussion ensemble, “Timepiece,” with subtitles Sundial, Moon-dial,

                               and Big Ben. In March of the same year he finished a piece for

                               recorder orchestra, “Reminiscences,” with four short fantasies:

                               Joy, Contemplation, Lamentation and Gaiety, with accompanied

                               poems for each movement by the composer. He finished the year

                               with “Seven Short Stories for Solo Harp.”

                               During our Covid-19 year of 2020 Collin created complete updated

                               versions of several pieces written in 2015: “Song for Bassoon & Piano,”

                               “Rainbow Trio” for flute, clarinet & double bass, “An Autumn Day” for

                                string quintette, “An Abandoned Lighthouse” which is a fantasy in

                                two versions for full orchestra and another which includes SATB choir,

                                with lyrics from a poem written by the composer. Very late in 2020 he

                                finished updating a huge narrated undertaking, “The Story of the

                                Songbird & the Elephant” in two versions: a duet for tuba & piccolo

                                and another which includes full orchestra in a double concerto format,

                                both with narration. More information can be found on the

                                compositions page of this web site: PortlandCello.com


                                Collin has attended Conductor Guild workshops with the Virginia,

                                Baltimore and Norwalk Symphonies.

                                As a cellist Collin has performed as principal with the Oregon

                                Chamber Players, and the Oregon Arts Orchestra, with whom

                                he has toured Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Rome,

                                Montecatini Terme, Venice, and most recently Mafra Portugal,

                                Granada, Toledo and Madrid Spain. He is also a member of the

                                Oregon Chamber Players Quartet, performing with flute,

                                oboe and viola.


                                His principal teachers have included Tomas Svoboda and John

                                Trudeau, orchestral; David Wilson, choral; as well as Hamilton

                                Cheifetz and Dorien de Léon, cello.

                                Internationally renowned composer, the late Matt Doran,

                                dedicated his composition Three Movements for Cello &

                                Piano to him.


                                Collin has concentrated on cello instruction all his professional

                                life and teaches at his home studio in southeast Portland as well

                                as the Valley Catholic Music School in Beaverton. During the

                                covid-19 pandemic he is exclusively teaching cello and conducting

                                via the internet and enjoys pinpointing with the students areas

                                where more concentrated efforts are needed.

                                Collin enjoys his home life immensely with spouse, Cameretta.

                                His daughter, Julie, is a Manager of Industry Relations for

                                Banfield Pet Hospital’s headquarters in Vancouver, WA.