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Collin G. Heade

Professional Experience

›-‹›-‹›-‹›-‹›-‹›-‹››~~≈Cello Performance≈~~‹‹›-‹›-‹›-‹›-‹›-‹›-‹

Present, adjunct cello instructor at Valley Catholic Music School,

Beaverton, Or.

Present, Full-time private cello instruction in S.E. Portland, Or. 

Present, Oregon Chamber Players Quartet, OCP quartet of principals in flute, oboe, viola & cello.

Principal Cello, Oregon Chamber Players.

Principal Cello, Willamette Falls Symphony.

Principal Cello, Oregon Arts Orchestra, performed in the American Celebration of Music in Italy, venues included Rome, Florence and Venice.

Principal Cello, Oregon Arts Orchestra, toured Munich, Salzburg, Vienna & Prague.

Principal Cello, Oregon Arts Orchestra, touring Spain & Portugal.

Cellist in residence, Holy Family Catholic Parish.



Artistic Director/Conductor Westside Community & Youth Orchestra, Hillsboro.

  1. Create thematic programs.

  2. Conduct weekly rehearsals, bow all string parts, coordinate symphonies calendar, work with marvelous driven board, attend board meetings, help recruit, work with Liberty High School, oversee library, plan and distribute weekly rehearsal guide, refer recordings to orchestra, write introductions for each concert selection, meet & greet the public.

  3. Educate, develop and promote young musicians and the young at heart in a learned collaboratively fun environment.


Conductor, Junior Symphony of Vancouver, WA.

  1. Plan and conduct weekly rehearsals, three to four concerts per year.

  2. Work with General Manager in order to sustain the enrichment of young JSV musicians in support of the artistic vision of their mission statement within the community.

  3. Transpose and rearrange pieces to benefit ensemble instrumentation.

  4. Audition musicians.

  5. Organize concert performances.


Associate Conductor, Willamette Falls Symphony, Oregon City

  1. Conduct orchestra in rehearsals & concerts when requested, and in absence of conductor.

  2. Support and carry out the plans of the Music Director, familiarization with scores to be performed by WFS, ability to conduct the orchestra in the absence of the conductor for concerts.

Artistic Director/Conductor, North Oregon Coast Symphony

  1. Created thematic programs for series concerts for 8 years. Assigned parts, acted as personnel director, appointed seats and section leaders. Bow all string parts and distribute. Conducted and planned weekly rehearsals to a widely spaced coastal community.

  2. Performed up to 8 concerts per year.

  3. Worked with and attended monthly board meetings. Meet and greet the public at all concerts.

  4. Visited community performance classrooms during the school year.

  5. Helped with fundraising.

Music Director, Astoria Chamber Players.

  1. Planned three themes concerts per year for 3 years.

  2. Personnel director and librarian.

  3. Conducted ensemble from the cello chair.

  4. Founder.


Conducting Seminar & Workshop, Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring Suite,” Norwalk, CT.

Conductors Guild Workshop with Virginia Symphony Orchestra,

JoAnn Faletta & John Mester.

Conductors Guild Workshop with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, MD.

Marin Alsop conductor.

Portland State University, Bachelor of Arts in performance.


“Song” for Bassoon & Piano,  [4:30’] © 2015. 

‘Rainbow’ Trio,  for Flute, Clarinet & Double Bass [7:30’] © 2015.

‘An Autumn Day’  String Quintette, for 2 Violins, Viola, Cello & Double Bass [6:25’] © 2015.

‘Fantasy’ for Orchestra, “An Abandoned Lighthouse.” [8:56’] © 2015, instrumentation: 

2.2+1.2+1.2+1/, perc 6: chimes,BD,SD,sus cym,G,tamb/hp,str.

“The Story of  the Song Bird & the Elephant,”  duet for solo Piccolo & Tuba [4:56’]

© 2015.

“The Story of  the Song Bird & the Elephant,”  double concerto for Piccolo, Tuba and Orchestra, with Narration. [7:46’] © 2015. (Score also available w/o narration @ 6:21’.) 

Instrumentation: 2.1+1.2.2/ 5: crot,mar,tri,clav,wbl./solo picc, solo tba, narr.,str.

“3 Petite Solemnities,” for Solo Piano [3:30’] © 2016.

Piano Trio, “The Tempestuous,”  for Violin, Cello & Piano   

                      1. Moderato maestoso [5:11’] © 2016.

                       2. Andante sostenuto [2:50’] 2017.

                     3. Andante moderato, poco animato [2:28’] © 2017.

                       4. Allegro, tempestuoso [3:45’] © 2018.

“And the Angel Said Unto Them,”  for Choir, Flute, Violin, Cello, Piano & Percussion [3:37’] © 2016.

“Amen,”  (finale to:) “And the Angel Said Unto Them,”  for Choir, Flute, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Tuba, Piano & Percussion

[2:20’] © 2017.

“Five Nuances,” Trio for Double Reeds & Harp, for oboe/English horn, bassoon/contra bassoon & harp. [10:45’ total] © 2018.

                       1. Andante, Andante moderato [1:40’]

                       2. Moderato [1:49’]

                       3. Allegretto [1:36’]

                     4. Moderato, andante [2:12’]

                       5. Andantino [3:10’]

{Sheet music parts, scores & mp4 are available upon request. Please visit the Compositions Page for more info.}


Collin Heade was selected as a finalist for The American Prize in Orchestral Programming. The American Prize celebrates American excellence in the performing arts.